Shells are very fragile materials.
When shells come into contact with sweat, sebum, cosmetics, vinegar, fruit juice, citric acid or other elements, they lose their luster.
We strongly recommend that you take care to wipe your jewelry gently with a special cloth made for jewelry after wearing.
Keep the jewelry in a plastic zipper bag, pouch or a case. Avoid keeping it under a fluorescent light, high temperature, humidity, and under direct daylight for extended periods of time.



Re-polishing Service
Shells are comparable in material to pearls and are softer than other jewelry materials such as gemstones and others. Friction causes scratches on their surface and luster will be lost when touched with sweat, sebum, cosmetics and etc. Our maintenance will re-polish your jewelry when the luster is lost to recover. There will be NO charge for re-polishing service, but shipping fees are at your expense. Or you can bring your jewelry to our atelier in Hamahiga island directly. Please note that some of deep scratches might not be able to recover completely. We appreciate your understanding in advance. We wish that you will be able to wear our jewelry for long time with appropriate care and maintenance.
Repair Service
Repair charges apply for the following cases: Breakage of shells, broken chain, parts replacement and etc. Repair charges differ depending on materials, design and the repair process of your item. Please feel free to contact us for further information. Also note that there will be cases where damage is beyond repair. We appreciate your understanding for such cases in advance.