Just be yourself, and go as you feel. This is what I have learned from the shells through my works. Be honest with yourself, and let yourself go where your feeling guides you. Just as the beauty of shells are gently nurtured in the comfort of the ocean, the place where you feel comfortable will bring out the best of your individuality. When we truly believed, we found Hamahiga island and “Kainowa”

A bond to people and mother earth. Kainowa will find a sign for you to connection with nature.

Crafting artist Makoto Kawahatsu
I simply thought
that these shells were beautiful.

It was in 2008, when I discovered the natural beauty of shells.It all started from a great green turban shell(yakogai) I had picked up when I was working as a diving instructor. I attempted to polish the yakogai.

Without any experience, I have spent countless days to do trial and error. Until this moment, I never thought about crafting the shells.

When I finally managed to complete a ring for the first time, it was most beautiful ring I have ever seen in my life.

Understanding uniqueness
of each shells

No one particular way of crafting shells. How shells shows their uniqueness are only revealed when we start polishing.

“How should I craft this shell in order to shine as its best?” Sometimes days will pass by not knowing how I should polish the shell,but this is the most important time when crafting.

When the time pass, shell will show me the way to polish. I am surprised most of the time by the luster which it gives out.

Surprise is the happiest moment of my work.

Great green turban shells and top shells Nurtured in the peaceful ocean
Delicate luster, hidden for reasons

Our materials are great green turban shells (yakogai) and top shells (takasegai) nurtured in the warm ocean waters.

After grinding and polishing their rugged surface, the hidden nacreous layers emerge.Their nacreous layers have a more delicate luster compared to other types of shells since they take much time to grow — growing only 7 cm in 3 years.

The internal luster of these shells is a great gift from nature created slowly over time.

Leaving the natural beauty of the Shell

Shells are already beautiful as it makes different face depending on a light and various angles.With the respect to natural beauty of the shell,

our designs are kept to minimum to bring out to focus on its own beauty.

STORY3 人と自然
The island with rich nature Hamahiga island
In harmony with nature

Our atelier is located in Hamahiga island,an island with just over 500 people.

Only 20 years ago, they had no way other than boat to get to the island is filled with warm welcome of people and untouched nature.

In Hamahiga island, we participate in local ceremonies, look up at the star-sparkled sky at night from the roof of our house, swim in the peaceful beach in front of our atelier…

Letting ourselves be immersed in the peaceful surroundings on this island and cherishing such time.

Just being ourselves

Just be yourself. This is what I have learned from the shells through my works.

Life in this island is simple, but fulfilled with joy and happiness from both nature and people. Just like the luster that shells have naturally.

Our atelier might be hard to find, but enjoy the atmosphere and way of life once you step into our sacred island.